December 29, 2009

I love Gaia

"Science would have you believe that cats don't have antennae. That's why I don't believe in science. I believe in fairies and vampires and talking bears and stuff, and science can #%&@ing shove it."

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December 28, 2009


"Don't have kids."
"But I want some."
"But they're yummy."
"Ha ha ha that is an acceptable answer."
-Jackie and Myself

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December 23, 2009

Quote Time

"You'll be able to relate to this, Mom - it's about prostitution.  (And you work with prosititutes.)"

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September 05, 2009

A Letter

Dear College,
I miss you.  I was so good at class and homework and not having to troll around for a job.  I miss that.  I also miss the access to art, and the social interaction.  And my sanity.  Why have you expelled me from your ranks, with that depressing distinction of "graduated"?  I would rather be lost on your campus, than out here in this strange jobless world. 
P.S.  I am bored.

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May 21, 2009

A short song

Put you cards on the table
That's not the table that's the floor
I drank a little too much and I want a little more

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March 25, 2009

Notebook Special!

Like a White Board Special...but different. 
Quotes from the Notes:
"American idea of individual self - being able to say 'up yours!'"
when prof asked to repeat something, "What did I say?"
"Gloom, Despair, Agony; Deep Dark Depression, Obsessive Misery" (Renee's Song)
"happiness runs in a circular motion"
"Water Clock"
"submit to us or be condemned"
"Art important!  Couldn't read, understand, lang of service, art important"
"Shannen" x186...most in a cluster covering the margins of three pages in a row
"I can do it 9x" (after writing my name nine times)
"We built this city!"
"Jupiter had four orbiting moons - thrown in house arrest"
"I hate presentations.  They make me SAD."
"9-5 kind of an unintentional Marxist critique"
"the Monk - OCD - neurosis"
"Thanatos! <3"
"Do you like animals?"  "I like some animals - I don't like scorpions."
"llamas!" (complete with doodle)
quotes from a video on Darwin (Darwin's Dangerous Idea)
"People like Owen think that if there were no church of England cucumbers would cease to grow."
"And are you a free thinker like him?"  "I'm more of a free drinker, really."
"It's not a question that requires an answer."
"And all this is a result of your trip to cousin Emma's?"  "Not necessarily."  "Well you don't know anyone else."
"Sitting across from me is that strange creature Homothesis - half man and half theory."

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February 15, 2009


First off, my dad wished me a happy Valentine's Day in his e-mail...with THREE EXCLAMATION MARKS!
Second, apparently my aunt is leaving me her jewelry, her house, and one of her brother's shares of her money (the one who tried to rip her off).  Only because I don't want it.  Actually if I don't have a house, hers is pretty nice and I might consider living there.
Third, Amy's bank seems to have bought my bank.  The lovely green on my bank website is being overrun by the orange of hers.

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January 14, 2009


For those of you who call her Tipper:
The name Tipper is a baby boy name. The name Tipper comes from the Irish origin. In Irish The meaning of the name Tipper is: Nickname and variant of the Irish name Tabar meaning a well.

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Fun and Trouble. Mainly Trouble

Okay so here's the deal.  Besides crazy senior project related stress (because that is SO much fun), I have had several issues since I have returned from yonder winter break.
Problem A
According to the registrar I am short one writing emphasis class, which I need to graduate.
I am currently enrolled in one Human Nature and Society, listed in the course catalog under Gen Ed Writing Emphasis applicable courses.
I receive an e-mail from Paul, that same fiend, asking me about the note he received (corresponding to my own) about said MIA WE course.
All this happened on Monday.
On Tuesday, I had planned to spend my morning in the Ceramics studio.  I walk up the hill with Renee (who has Drawing Senior Project at the same time).  I try to catch Paul before her class (which he teaches), but he was not there.
I swing by after said class, and heard him in his office talking to someone else.  So I left with Renee to get lunch.
That afternoon I had said Religion/Writing Emphasis course, then went back up the hill to talk to Nancy (who apparently does not have morning classes this semester), my Ceramics senior project class being bisected by said WE class.
I talk to Nancy and agree to meet with her at the same time every week, then head next door in a last ditch effort to catch Paul, who is again absent.
I go back to my room for a few, head to dinner less than a half hour later, where I meet Renee yet again.  The first thing Paul said when he saw her this morning was, "Where is Shannen?"
This comment came shortly after I related to Deidre the trials of me trying to catch Paul in between classes.  As in immediately.
Renee told him that I was working on my Ceramics senior project (I did finish my Painting senior project last semester....).  She related his reaction (and did a fair impression of it), with his "oh yeah" and that light-dawning-on-something-I-should-already-have-known-expression.
I e-mailed Paul later that night about it, to which he swiftly replied (I was quite surprised to see it this morning); I told him that I was currently enrolled in the missing class mentioned and asked if I should go to the Registrar and correct them, he replied that I should.
Later this morning I went to said registrar, pointed out said WE class, and baffled the man who does the senior audits.
In the course listing said class is listed as a humanity.
In the course catalog it is under the Writing Emphasis gen ed classes.
He found this strange but felt inclined that I was correct, then proceeded to call the teacher of said WE class to confirm.
He, of course, did not answer the phone.   SA guy left a message concerning the WEness of said WE class.  I informed him that there were seven papers and I was fairly certain it was, in fact, a WE class.
He advised me to call back later in the day to check the progress of this issue.
At this point I left where I confronted the other problem, which I will elaborate on in a moment.
After confronting the other problem and failing to solve it, I went to Art History class,  immediately upon entering said class I ran into Paul.
Fortunately he was talking to someone else so I slipped away as discretely as possible.
I called the SA guy a little while ago.  He didn't answer his phone.  Of course.
So I e-mailed him.  I am waiting for the response.

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December 06, 2008

It's an addiction!!

I can't stop watching it!!

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